Our purpose is to be Africa’s most affordable, accessible and innovative retailer

The Shoprite Group is Africa’s largest fast-moving consumer goods retailer. Its core business is in food retailing, complemented by furniture, pharmaceuticals, hospitality, ticketing, digital commerce, and financial and cellular services.

Through its wide range of customer-facing brands, value-added services and B2B logistics services, the Group operates across various industries to deliver our comprehensive product and services offering.

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Our performance highlights

Our purpose is to be Africa’s most affordable, accessible and innovative retailer and our customers are at the heart of what we do. Some highlights from our previous financial year include:
R485 million invested in training
966 million transactions per year
R273.5 million invested in RSA communities
8 207 tons plastic waste diverted

Our Directors

The Shoprite Group and Board are focused on increasing transparency and accountability as part of our commitment to improve corporate governance.

Our Shareholders and Investors

The Group strives to generate long-term growth for our shareholders and investors through our established business operations throughout Africa.

Our Subsidiaries

We are Africa’s largest fast-moving consumer goods retailer. Our Home Office is in South Africa and we operate across the continent.

Our Sustainable Approach

We aspire to be Africa’s most accessible, affordable and innovative retailer – and we aim to do this in a sustainable way for our people and the planet.

Our Footprint

Our focus on cost-effective operational performance has paved the way for us to continue expanding. To date, we operate 2 400 corporate-owned food and liquor retail stores, supported by extensive distribution infrastructure and an integrated enterprise-wide information and technology system, across Africa – a profile unmatched by any other retailer on the continent.