Providing quality homeware, furniture and electrical appliances to serve more higher income group customers.

House & Home offers homeware, furniture, electrical appliances and more at affordable prices. These stores, located in Botswana, Namibia and South Africa present affluent customers with a wide choice of products along with a convenient shopping experience.

Brand overview

House & Home was opened along with OK Hyperama’s first branch in Edenvale, Johannesburg, in 1977. When OK Bazaars was acquired by the Group in 1997, House & Home became the flagship brand of our furniture division.

House & Home offers an extensive range of furniture, bedding, appliances and home entertainment products, providing customers with the option to buy with cash or on credit. 

How we are adding value: House & Home introduced TechX, the Group’s instore technology and cellular department, increasing the number of private label small appliances available to our customers.

Added services

As with all Group brands, House & Home offers additional services to the everyday consumer, including:

  • Money Market counters are available in most House & Home stores to provide much-needed access to several financial services such as money transfers, utility payments, travel ticket purchases and more. 
  • The largest wall-to-wall carpet service in South Africa, with a reputable obligation-free quotation service. 
  • An electronic catalogue system and online shopping solution to provide a more convenient shopping experience.