New Developments on the Shoprite Property Landscape

With a strong presence in 15 African countries, the Shoprite Group is well positioned to continue its expansion into new, as well as under-serviced existing markets. As part of its growth strategy, our Property Division focuses on securing new trading opportunities to accommodate the Group’s ever-expanding retail offering. This task involves the identifying and securing of new premises through leases as well as acquiring land for development thereon should the property industry be unable to do so.

Property investments are made not only for immediate use, but also for development over the medium term. This strategy also assists us in avoiding excessive premiums once these areas experience a rise in popularity.


Our Property Portfolio

Our existing property portfolio comprises both owned and head-leased properties. These include vacant land, retail shopping centres, stand-alone supermarket buildings, distribution centres and offices. Most of the Group’s long-term head-leased properties are of a historical nature and resulted from the past acquisition of Checkers in 1991 and OK Bazaars in 1997.

Laying the Foundation for Ongoing Growth

Our strategic approach to securing new trading opportunities comprises an effective combination of market research, property development and long-term leasing and management expertise.

Before committing to a new property, we use extensive demographic projections to track trends and shifts in consumer patterns. The development and re-development of properties are supervised in-house through every stage, from planning and design right through to construction and leasing.

A team of in-house designers and draughtsmen are responsible for producing internal store layouts for all brands that stay abreast of international store design trends and that are individually tailored to meet site specific requirements and criteria relevant to each trading opportunity and market. This ensures that all stores are optimised for effective stock management and the use of trading space.

The division is also responsible for the management and administration of the Group’s existing lease and property portfolio. This includes the handling of all lease negotiations, whether with external landlords or the subletting of shops.

Property Partnerships Built on Success

We are always exploring new opportunities to expand our footprint in South Africa and beyond. Property owners that partner with the Group profit from long-term leases with optimal returns on their investment.

Should you require leasing opportunities, have vacant land for sale or retail premises to let, we’d like to partner with you.

Retail Property Opportunities

Contact our Property Division if you can provide retail opportunities for the following store formats:

Shoprite (2,500m² - 5,000m²)

Shoprite Mini (1,250m² - 1,800m²)

Checkers (2,800m² - 4,500m²)

Checkers Hyper (7,500m² - 9,500m²)

Usave (600m² - 900m²)

Usave Mini (300m² – 400m²)

Usave eKasi (100m² - 200m²)

LiquorShop (160m² - 200m²)

OK Franchise (1,000m² - 2,000m²)

OK Minimark (300m² - 600m²)

OK Express (250m² - 300m²)

OK Liquor (80m² - 200m²)

House and Home (1,800m² - 2,500m²)

OK Furniture (600m² - 700m²)




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