Our Purpose

Shoprite is Africa’s largest fastmoving consumer goods retailer. Our customers are at the heart of what we do and the reason for our business. Our purpose is to provide them access to affordable products wherever they are.

To achieve what we set out to do, we stay focused on:

  • recognising that managing our capital, resources and relationships is important to our success;
  • creating shared value for all our stakeholders;
  • and being a responsible and innovative business.

Our values are deeply rooted in our long history and come to life in our actions and the way we do business.


Our Values

excellence, integrity and care

We aim to put our customers first. We do this through excellent service. Our employees are empowered to make sure our customers leave our stores happy.

Integrity is of utmost importance. We strive to treat everyone with respect. We are accountable for our actions and we behave in an ethical way to build trust with our stakeholders.

We #ActForChange beyond our own doors. Through job creation, affordable products, hunger relief and other programmes, we work to create shared value for our communities.

efficiency and commitment

We focus relentlessly on keeping costs low and aim to become more efficient. We know where and how every rand is spent and our business and operational processes are set up to manage the use of resources by reducing waste and minimising harm to the natural environment.

We help where we can. We have a specific focus on food security. When we have surplus food or resources, we distribute them to people in need.

growth, opportunity and transformation

We invest in our people. We aim to transform our business, develop our people’s careers and promote from within. We believe if we invest in our people, they will invest in us.

Our scale and effective supply chains create opportunities for local and small suppliers. Where we can, we procure from and support them, giving them access to our markets and helping them to grow and thrive.

We embrace economic transformation through job creation, skills and career development, local sourcing and social upliftment and contribute taxes to develop local communities.