Fusing data, technology and talent for a ‘Smarter Shoprite’.

Xtra Savings
cards are swiped 450 times every single minute

is SA's number one grocery delivery app

innovation awards already won

The new digital business hub ShopriteX, combines the best of data science and technology to save customers time and money through innovation and creating more personalised shopping experiences.

Incubated over the past 12 months, ShopriteX already boasts two industry leading innovations, namely Xtra Savings, South Africa’s fastest growing rewards programme and Sixty60, Checkers’ pioneering 60-minute grocery delivery service.

Consumer response on both counts has been unrivalled, with Xtra Savings Rewards signing up over 20 million members, and Sixty60 becoming the number one grocery app in the country with over 1.5 million app downloads to date.

Innovations such as Sixty60 and Xtra Savings have seen the team scoop up 17 innovation awards in the last year.

Some of the achievements to date, include:   

  • Sixty60 is South Africa’s number one grocery delivery app, having been downloaded more than 1.5 million times.  
  • Sixty60 delivered more than 1.5 million orders in under 30 minutes in the past year. 
  • It is operating nationwide from 240 stores which serve as micro-fulfilment centers. 
  • Sixty60 has created 2 870 new jobs.  
  • Sixty60’s drivers have travelled to the moon and back 40 times. 
  • Xtra Savings has signed on 20 million rewards members through 100% paperless sign up. 
  • Customers have saved R5.3bn in Xtra Savings in the past year. 
  • 750 million personalised offers were sent to Checkers customers in the past year.  

"We are serious about being Africa’s most customer-centric retailer, and the launch of ShopriteX represents our investment in fit-for-the-future retail, which is increasingly digital and data-led.”

– Chief Executive, Pieter Engelbrecht


“Shoprite to the power of X represents the exponential growth opportunity when you combine the best of data, tech and talent with the scale of the Shoprite Group.  We are solving real retail challenges with the country’s brightest minds. Through a culture of innovation and startup-like pace, the teams are making grocery shopping more personalised for customers whilst removing friction from the retail experience.”

- Neil Schreuder, Chief of Strategy and Innovation, who heads up ShopriteX


Rainmaker Media

Established by the same team behind ShopriteX, Rainmaker Media is a precision retail media agency that merges the in-store and digital retail worlds. Using shopper data and billions of consumer interactions, combined with 40 years of retail know-how, Rainmaker Media is able to create campaigns that connect brands to shoppers using data, not guesswork.

Sixty60 delivery service

When our team developed the Sixty60 app, who knew the massive impact it would have on the lives of countless South Africans. Two years later with over 1.5 million app downloads and over 1.5 million orders to boot, Checkers Sixty60 is South Africa’s number one grocery delivery app... because getting groceries tomorrow is so yesterday!


The Group has made significant strides in embracing and executing an evolved business strategy focused on innovation and growth.

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