Fusing data, technology and talent for a 'Smarter Shoprite'

ShopriteX is the Group’s tech and innovation hub aimed at reimagining grocery retail for a customer-inspired future. Marrying the best of data science and technology in the Shoprite Group ecosystem, ShopriteX aims to save customers time and money through innovation and creating more personalised shopping experiences.


ShopriteX is dedicated to delivering frictionless, omni-channel retail experiences in support of the Group’s number one strategic driver, “a truly customer-first culture”.  

ShopriteX is home to a team of 250 of South Africa’s leading data science, technology, media, digital commerce and personalisation experts, playing a leading role in the Group’s drive to attract and retain future-fit talent, and become a more customer-centric business.

Continued investment into the expansion of precision retail capabilities and alternate revenue streams remains a priority to ensure we continue delivering value to our customers by combining the strengths of physical retail and digital customer experiences.



"The next era of growth for us is about precision retailing. ShopriteX will use our rich customer data to supercharge a ‘Smarter Shoprite’ and ultimately fuse the best of digital with our operational strength across the continent.”

– Chief Executive Officer, Pieter Engelbrecht


“Shoprite to the power of X represents the exponential growth opportunity when you combine the best of data, tech and talent with the scale of the Shoprite Group.  We are solving real retail challenges with the country’s brightest minds.”

- Neil Schreuder, Chief of Strategy and Innovation


Shoprite to the power of X

The exponential growth opportunity when you combine data, tech and the scale of the Shoprite Group:

Checkers Sixty60: Award winning 60-minute grocery delivery service

An industry-leading innovation delivered by ShopriteX, Sixty60 uses the best of digital to deliver a customer-centric service to our customers' doorsteps. The team has been awarded various innovation and digital awards.

Rainmaker Media: Connecting brands to shoppers using data, not guesswork

Merging the in-store and digital retail world in its omni-channel marketing campaigns, Rainmaker Media is a retail marketing agency that can optimise every cent of ad spend through measured sales conversions.

Xtra Savings: South Africa’s fastest growing rewards programme

With over 23 million completely paperless sign-ups, Xtra Savings provides ShopriteX with the data that fuels personalisation for our customers.

We innovate

The Group has made significant strides in embracing and executing an evolved business strategy focused on innovation and growth. Read more about how we innovate here.


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