Our suppliers

Want to be a supplier for Africa’s largest retailer?

The Shoprite Group works with a strong network of suppliers – from startup to national – to provide our customers with the products they need and want. We take pride in building long-term relationships with our suppliers, and we want to help you grow your business whilst growing ours. Together we grow local economies and create jobs.

We’re always looking for innovative, affordable, and quality products and take pride in helping local businesses find paths to market, especially small and medium enterprises (SMEs)

Do you have a unique product that will add value to our customers’ lives?

Committed R50 million to future SME development initiatives

Committed 9.16% of supplier spend to black businesses

5.54% of supplier spend to black woman-owned businesses

* For the year ended 4 July 2021

Shoprite Next Capital to develop SMME partners

The Shoprite Group has launched Shoprite Next Capital, a business division dedicated to capacitate and grow commercially-viable SMMEs to further the Group’s continued efforts to give small suppliers access to its consumer market.

Supplier success stories


Become a supplier

The Shoprite Group aims to provide its customers with products that add convenience to their everyday lives. To help us meet this objective, we work with a network of suppliers in South Africa and the rest of the African continent. Our suppliers are selected based on their ability to deliver quality products on time and with integrity, while also meeting our market demand. Please select the supplier type applicable to proceed:


We are excited to develop and support emerging suppliers and give them access to market to grow their businesses. If your annual turnover is less than R5 million you are a small supplier.



We take pride in building relationships with these suppliers, as helping their businesses grow is one of the Group’s aims. If your annual turnover is between R5 million and R50 million you are a medium supplier.



Whether your business has a national or regional footprint, the Group takes pride in developing professional relationships with all of its suppliers. Businesses with an annual turnover that exceeds R50 million are known as large suppliers.


Looking for capital

We’ve partnered with Thuthuka Nathi Ventures (Pty) Ltd, a black-owned venture and growth capital investment company that supports SMEs in South Africa’s retail sector. By investing in local, up-and-coming SMEs, we aim to help thriving businesses grow by providing support, growth capital and access to market.

Mpumi Motsabi, co-founder of Toys With Roots, one of the Group's small suppliers.

Our suppliers’ platforms

For ease of communication and other procedures, existing suppliers are encouraged to make use of our online portals.

Supplier portal

This portal is primarily used for the Group to communicate with our suppliers and transfer day-to-day documents​, including orders, claims, remittances, a variety of reports and quality assurance certificates.

Global trade solution

Bamboo Rose is a specialised global sourcing solution that provides end-to-end functionality to manage all aspects of international merchandise sourcing and associated processes.