Our strategic priorities

The strategy driving our business is underpinned by our Group purpose.

Our commitment to investing through the cycle has enabled the achievement of our strategic objectives, unlocked alternative income streams and enabled our efforts as a force for good.

Our three strategic pillars, a smarter Shopritetarget headroom opportunities and winning in the long term are underpinned by nine strategic drivers that provide our framework for growth, while ensuring our business remains relevant, a force for good in our operating context and benchmarked best-in-class against global retail practices.


A smarter Shoprite

Smarter decisions. Fewer mistakes. Optimised for customers.

    1. A truly customer-first culture

    2. Develop future-fit channels and talent

    3. Enable precision retailing


Target headroom opportunities

We focus on closing the opportunity gaps where we have headroom for revenue growth.

    4. Trusted, profitable private labels

    5. Grow share in premium and fresh food

    6. Stonger partnerships


Winning in the long term

Technology will amplify our ability to continue providing operational excellence and outstanding customer experiences at scale.

    7. Unlock alternative income

    8. Force for good

    9. Leverage platform advantage

Our vision is to create a smarter Shoprite through advanced analytics and technology to optimise our core retail business and personalise experiences for customers. We will target headroom opportunities in growth segments to increase share-of-wallet and leverage our retail platform to win in the long term.