We support the communities that enable our success 

To achieve our purpose of uplifting lives every day, we have made it our responsibility to make a difference in the lives of the most vulnerable through the Group’s #ActForChange Fund, as well as its other CSI programmes and initiatives in partnership with community organisations

The communities we serve are always at the core of our business, and our CSI strategy and social investment initiatives are aligned with our purpose, values and our priority to be a force for good. We promote the wellbeing, safety and sustainability of our communities, and seek ways to address their needs by pioneering access to affordable goods and services, and creating economic opportunities.  

Our community investments include programmes to focus on hunger relief and food security, youth unemployment and enterprise supplier development.

In addition, the Group's non-profit organisation, the Shoprite Foundation, focuses specifically on empowering communities through education and skills development, employees through the Shoprite Employee Trust, and developing SMMEs through ESD initiatives. 

Join us as we #ActForChange:

meal 67 million meals


meal 6 490


meal R13.5 million

* Our contributions for FY2023

Hunger relief and food security

Our core socio-economic focus is on food security and hunger relief. We aim to fight hunger, build resilience within communities, and support long-term socio-economic transformation. Some of our initiatives include surplus food donations, the development of food gardens, and urgent disaster relief by way of our Mobile Soup Kitchen trucks.

Furthermore, we provide much-needed nutritional support to early childhood development (ECD) education centres, also collaborate with our suppliers and partner organisations to assist our network of beneficiaries.

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  Through our community programmes, including ECD's                    


carrot 73 474 kg
  Harvested through 222 community food gardens                    
* Our contributions for FY2023       

As part of fighting hunger in vulnerable communities, we invest in community and household food gardens to support long-term food security and economic access. These gardens address food security and build resilience against climate disasters, while building skills, creating income-generating opportunities, and further increasing employment opportunities within local communities. 

For the year ended July 2023, we had 222 community food gardens across Africa, and anticipate growing this to 245 in the next financial year.  

Navigate the map to see our community food garden footprint:

The Group’s surplus food donations serve a dual purpose: we help communities in need while reducing the environmental impact of surplus food being wasted. In the last financial year, we donated R226 million surplus food and goods (FY 2023) and foresee our surplus food donations increasing to R250 million in the next financial year.

Phenyo Mogale, a Youth Employment Service (YES) employee in a Shoprite store.

Phenyo Mogale, a Youth Employment Service (YES) employee in a Shoprite store.

Adequate nutrition is essential for learning. We provide support to improve the circumstances of children in selected Early Childhood Development (ECD) centres at a critical time in their development. In the last financial year, we supported 114 ECD centres, benefiting 7 287 children (FY 2023). The meals we provide are designed to nourish physical health and growth, and boost mental concentration. We aim to serve at least 1.3 million meals at ECD’s in the coming year (FY 2024).  

In addition, we provide skills and development training to aid ECD practitioners in providing safe and stimulating day-care centres.

As part of our ongoing care for our communities, we offer support when natural disasters occur. Since its inception in 2007, our Mobile Soup Kitchens have served more than 61.1 million* meals to those in need. We are often among the first to respond to communities in distress by providing hunger relief and served 7.1 million hot meals in the last year (*FY 2023) and aim to increase this to 7.5 million in the coming year. 

Phenyo Mogale, a Youth Employment Service (YES) employee in a Shoprite store.

Youth unemployment and skills development

We invest in and train both employed and unemployed youth who are interested in pursuing a career in retail. This is done largely through pivotal Group programmes such as our Retail Readiness Programme (RRP), the Youth Employment Services (YES) Initiative, and our extensive bursary programme. These programmes provide individuals with the skills required to secure jobs in the retail industry.

Phenyo Mogale, a Youth Employment Service (YES) employee in a Shoprite store.

A woman in a white coat and hairnet holding a box of cookies in each hand.

Enterprise supplier development

By supporting local small, medium and micro enterprises (SMME), we help to create a transformed and inclusive society. Our network and scale enable us to grow SMMEs into larger-scale suppliers by providing them with access to market. Our focus lies on growing expenditure on SMME suppliers, particularly black-owned and black women-owned businesses. As these businesses grow, more employment opportunities are created within communities. 

As part of our ongoing enterprise supplier development (ESD) initiatives, we also provide vital aid to farmers through seasonal growing programmes and access to our distribution centres.