Our Communities


Communities are at the foundation of our business. They are our customers, suppliers, employees and, ultimately, our partners. We aim to build and support the resilience of the communities we operate in, while creating shared value for our stakeholders.

We are guided by our desire to #ActForChange in our communities and are focused on building and supporting sustainable pillars for development, specifically food and nutritional security, quality early childhood development (ECD) services and access to training and development. We also provide ongoing support for vulnerable communities.

We work hard to provide hunger relief to communities in need and focus on building long-term food security and economic access through our support for community food gardens.


We partner with early childhood development (ECD) centres and practitioners making a difference in their communities by focusing on the development of children in their care. To support them in their work, we provide support and resources and ensure adequate nutrition for children during this critical developmental stage.


Communities are the core of our business, which is why we stay committed to encouraging resilience and responding to the needs of underprivileged communities, especially during difficult times brought on by disasters such as fires and floods.



There are many ways to #ActForChange

When you choose to donate at any of our till points, we distribute collections to local vetted NGOs in each province.

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