With innovation and growth central in all that we do, the Group has made notable strides in embracing and executing an evolved business strategy. We continue evolving to achieve our goal of creating a 'smarter Shoprite' while remaining resolute in our commitment to being Africa’s most accessible, affordable and innovative retailer.  

The Group thrives on implementing new ideas, sourcing top-class products, and providing dynamic services to meet the ever-changing needs of our consumers. To do this, we focus on optimising retail activities in existing markets while capitalising on opportunities for growth, both in-store and online. An important driver in our digital transformation is the Group’s agile innovation hub, ShopriteX, where we reimagine retail solutions.  

Ultimately, we want to lead the local retail market and continue to raise the bar for innovation while building on the Group’s future success.    

Learn more about our recent innovations in the articles listed below.  

How we innovate

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