Shareholders and Investors

The Shoprite Group strives to generate long-term sustainable growth for our equity investors through our established food retail business operations across the African continent.

Key information for the 52 weeks to 28 June 2020:
Diluted HEPS
+ 2.5%
Sale of Merchandise
+ 6.4%
Trading Profit
- 2.7%
+ 20.1%


Integrated Annual Report


The report demonstrates our ongoing commitment to improving transparency and striving for the highest reporting and disclosure standards.


30 DEC 2019 - 25 FEB Closed period
BY END JAN Half year operational update
18 FEB IFRS 16 Briefing
25 FEB (am) FY2020 Interim results announcement
25 FEB FY2020 Interim results presentation to shareholders – Cape Town (only)
16 MAR Anticipated payment date of interim ordinary share dividend (if approved)
17-19 MAR Bank of America Merrill Lynch Annual Sun City Conference
30 JUN - 8 SEP Closed period
BY END JUL Full year operational update
8 SEP FY2020 Full year results announcement
8 SEP (09:30) FY2020 Full year results presentation to shareholders (webcast only)
15 SEP RMB Morgan Stanley Big Five Investor Conference
19 OCT Publication of Integrated Annual Report 2020
16 NOV Q1 Operational update
16 NOV (09:15) Annual General Meeting (online only)
19 & 20 NOV Investec Specialist Bank CEO Conference
31 DEC - 2021 Interim Results Closed period

What sets us apart

Our strategy remains growth-focused by optimising our retail core in existing markets.By pursuing these drivers of growth in an ethical and sustainable way, we capitalise on opportunities to unlock incremental growth by becoming a smarter, more customer-driven business.  


Become a shareholder

Shoprite Holdings is listed in South Africa on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE), with secondary listings on the stock exchanges of Zambia and Namibia. Shares of listed companies are traded on the open market through a stock exchange. You can view some history on the SHP share price on the JSE here.