Small-format stores serving customers in the lower-income market, trading largely in local communities.

Usave is a low-cost, no-frills, limited assortment discounter. These small-format stores cater for lower-income markets, offering unrivalled value for money.

Brand Overview

The Usave brand is based on the simple philosophy of ‘When we save, Usave’. The first store was opened in Stellenbosch in the Western Cape, in 2001, and the Group began expanding into Africa with these value-for-money stores by opening a Usave in Windhoek, Namibia, in 2002. The small-format stores allow for a greater penetration into previously underserved communities.

How we are adding value: Apart from everyday products and services, the Usave Ubrand and Savers private label ranges offer nutritional and cost-effective food to customers close to their homes.

Usave eKasi

To develop the Usave brand, the Group introduced a container-store format branded Usave eKasi, which translates to ‘my community’. These small and flexible-format stores require only five or six shipping containers and have allowed the Group to open stores where it was previously not viable.

How we are adding value: eKasi stores provide communities with greater access to affordable basic products and Money Market services.

We’ve cut the frills, not the value - see inside one of our stores

Usave mobile truck

True to our innovative spirit and in direct response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Usave pioneered a mobile truck shop to reach underserved communities with essential groceries.

This concept was well received and a few mobile Usave stores were established; these relocate daily. 

At least 30% of the stock in the mobile Usave stores are Ubrand private label products and pricing remains the same as what customers would pay in-store.

Added services

While most Usave stores are small-format, some larger stores have been opened. The larger stores stock a broader variety of products and also offer an in-house bakery and butchery. Other services include:

  • Money Market counters, to provide much-needed access to a number of financial services such as money transfers, utility payments, bus tickets and more.
  • Computicket kiosks are available in selected Usave stores, allowing customers to buy tickets for various leisure and sporting events, as well as for travel requirements.
  • Virtual grocery vouchers can be bought online and are sent straight to the recipient’s cellphone. These vouchers can be redeemed at any Usave store.  

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