The Group offers a variety of innovative financial services products to its customers, making it easier and more convenient to transact. 


Shoprite’s financial services are driven by customer affordability and are on par, if not better, than global competitors, offering customers various transaction choices and the affordable rates for banking services.

The Group uses its technology infrastructure and strategic partnerships with industry leaders to offer convenient financial products and services to its customers.  


Money Market

The Group constantly improves its Money Market offering and Money Market kiosks are conveniently situated in its supermarkets providing a one-stop service to its customer. Money market services include money transfers, buying lotto tickets, paying municipal bills, topping up data, airtime or electricity, purchasing gift cards or savings stamps, buying bus tickets, taking out insurance, and even getting a credit report.

Xtra Savings rewards programme

Following the successful launch of the Checkers Xtra Savings programme in 2020, the Group rolled out the Shoprite Xtra Savings programme in 2021. Xtra Savings gives customers instant savings on groceries, airtime deals, free monthly funeral grocery cover and more. The deep data gathered through the Xtra Savings programme enables a better understanding of member’s behaviours in order to tailor deals, communication and channels based on what customers want. The Xtra Savings programme already boasts more than 23.1 million members across Shoprite and Checkers supermarkets and gives back discounts worth billions of Rands to customers annually.


SuperSwift is a low-cost remittance business that is fanatical about transparency. It strives to become the most trusted remittance company in Africa and endeavor to change the African remittance landscape for the better by making it more affordable and accessible to all. SuperSwift enables customers to send money across borders to friends and family in over 70 countries. It is proud to offer a reliable, cost effective, and swift service.