Adding value with last-mile delivery capabilities 

Pingo – our new on-demand delivery platform business following the joint venture with the RTT group – is focused on the continuous improvement of our award-winning last-mile delivery capabilities.

Brand overview

Checkers Sixty60 orders are serviced from stores closest to customers, while the delivery service has been outsourced to Pingo, the Group's 50/50 joint venture with RTT On-Demand.  

Pingo delivery provides us with a critical building block in terms of executing our strategy to own intellectual property in Iast-mile logistics while providing us with a platform to monetise our expertise in this area. 

Checkers Sixty60 driver holding a delivery bag

Value-added services

  • National delivery capability: We have a national support footprint to manage our delivery fleets across the country, including access to remote locations. Deliveries are based on our clients' business operating hours, seven days a week, 12 hours a day.
  • Guarantee driver availability: Based on client's business hourly forecast, drivers will be scheduled to guarantee driver availability to ensure customer fulfilment.
  • Catering for various fleet types: Our bespoke on-demand solution enables Pingo to cater for various fleettypes based on clients' delivery requirements.
  • Client integration: Pingo offers full client integration, including real-time order updates. tracking updates, tracking and messaging. Customers can update the driver in-app with special instructions to ensure the delivery is convenient and efficient.
  • Customer support and order management: We offer real-time order updates, live tracking and pro-active management of all orders from our dedicated customer support team tools. This includes our real-time deliveries portal and driver management system, ensuring we meet required service levels.
  • Solution design and data analytics: Pingo will assist our clients with designing solutions for their desired business processes to meet customer expectations. Thereafter, Pingo's capable technical teams will configure the systems to deliver as required.
  • Branding: Pingo offers clients the ideal opportunity to co-brand the delivery drivers and fleet. We help you to increase visibility and recognition of your brand in the markets you serve.