14 September 2017

Suthani food garden is a special community project started and maintained by a group of pensioners in Alexandra, outside Johannesburg.

The Shoprite Group joined forces with the pensioners and our implementation partner, Food & Trees for Africa, to bolster the work being done at this community garden.

This water-stressed community garden feels how the lack of clean water impacts its crops. Shoprite surprised the pensioners with a Jojo tank to ease the negative impact.

They also received mobile spazas that can be used to generate an income from additional crops.

Three individuals selling vegetables The team behind Suthani Community Garden, Mr and Mrs Sibiya and Mr Mabasa, with the new hippo spaza.

This gift is exactly what we need. We’re excited to start selling our vegetables using our mobile spazas and using the money to grow and feed our community.”
- Mr Sibaya, one of pensioners who work in the garden every day

The Shoprite Group is committed to taking hands with beneficiary organisations to establish longer-term solutions to hunger relief. Which is why we have taken hands with Suthani to help them establish a sustainable food garden that aims to alleviate hunger and generate an income.