12 September 2022

Shoprite acted swiftly to bring relief to community members affected by the flooding in Jagersfontein, Free State by dispatching its Mobile Soup Kitchens to alleviate hunger on the ground.

The Shoprite Mobile Soup Kitchens will continue to serve warm meals to those displaced by the floods for as long as necessary. The supermarket chain has also donated bottled water, blankets and toiletries to families in need.

“Shoprite will always avail its resources to assist disaster-stricken communities. We remain in close contact with the relevant organisations assisting with relief efforts to determine what aid is required and how we can further support.”

- Sanjeev Raghubir, Sustainability Manager at the Shoprite Group

Jagersfontein community members receive soup and bread from Shoprite Mobile Soup Kitchen Shoprite quick to support those affected by Jagersfontein disaster.

People wishing to assist family and friends in need, can send money, airtime, data, grocery vouchers and more via Shoprite’s Money Market Account directly to the recipient’s phone.