Online and call centre ticketing agent, situated in most supermarkets and furniture stores.

the year Computicket was founded
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Computicket and Computicket Travel is the largest ticketing service provider in South Africa and specialises in tickets for business, entertainment and travel needs for all income groups. The Group’s most recent innovation, its virtual grocery vouchers, is also available via this platform.

Brand Overview

Computicket was founded in 1971 and was acquired by the Group in 2005, signifying the Group’s expansion of supplementary services to include ticketing and travelling solutions for different income groups. 

Computicket is the largest provider of ticketing services in South Africa and has an extended footprint in key African countries. Utilising the Group’s existing infrastructure, Computicket operates in every Checkers and Shoprite Supermarket and Hyper store, selected Usave and House & Home stores, as well as freestanding outlets. 

The available ticketing solutions cater for a variety of requirements ranging from theatre events, concerts, festivals and sporting events, to travel which includes bus and flight tickets, car rental and accommodation (local and global). A range of business solutions such as stadium management, capacity management, travel management and access control are also available.

Added Services

Computicket customers have access to the Group’s Money Market service offering, allowing them to conduct a vast number of financial transactions, from payments for television licences, utilities, traffic fines or telephone lines, to prepaid services like electricity and airtime.

Virtual Grocery Vouchers


The COVID-19 pandemic did not only pose a threat to South African consumers’ safety, but also left many communities in South Africa destitute and in need of food and basic goods. In reaction to these needs, the Group launched virtual grocery vouchers in 2020. These vouchers are bought electronically and sent straight to the recipient’s cellphone, allowing customers to assist those in need remotely.  

Vouchers can be bought online via Computicket or in-store. Upon receiving the voucher, it can immediately be redeemed at any Checkers, Checkers Hyper, Shoprite or Usave store nationwide – there is no waiting period.