We aim to be Africa’s most affordable and accessible retailer - and doing this in a responsible way for our communities and the environment. This provides us with a social licence to operate and it makes business sense. 

Our Commitment

As the largest retailer on the African continent, we recognise that we can play a transformative role in the 15 countries in which we operate. We are making our operations more sustainable and building resilience to climate change, while we continue to invest in our people and in our communities.

Our Approach

Our sustainability approach builds on our purpose and our values. We understand that the success of our business depends on the ability of our customers to buy our products, of our suppliers to produce them – even in an uncertain climate – and our ability to safely transport, store and sell them.

Our People

We invest in our people to reach their highest potential.

Our Customers

We provide accessible, affordable and safe products to our customers.

Our Communities

We #ActForChange in our communities.

Our Suppliers

Together we grow local economies and create jobs.

Our Planet

We promote sustainable consumption and production patterns for our planet.

Trained 155 029 people

Provided employment for 147 268 people and created 3175 new jobs

Saved 32 million kWh through use of energy- efficient lighting, equaling 30 562 tCO2e

Grew the number of food gardens supported from 19 in 2017 to 90 gardens in 2019

Trained 545 community members to grow food gardens

Our Contribution to tackling global challenges

We align ourselves on the issues material to our business, and identify where we can most significantly contribute to the United Nations’ Sustainability Goals (SDGs).

Our Partners

We can not act for change on our own, which is why we ground our social investment in local community partnerships.