Making a positive and sustainable impact

Our purpose is to uplift lives every day by pioneering access to the most affordable goods and services, creating economic opportunity and protecting our planet. 

Our sustainability transformation has been underpinned by several improvements which have made this possible by contributing to a smarter Shoprite. By investing in clever systems, we’ve improved efficiencies, maximised customer choice, minimised food waste, and uplifted the communities in which we operate.

Communities are the foundation of our business. They are our customers, suppliers, employees and, ultimately, our partners. Making a difference where we can, through #ActForChange and other social initiatives, is fundamental to our sustainability strategy. 

Our contribution to social, environmental and economic sustainability

Environmental and social sustainability is central in all that we do. By striving to make affordable goods and services accessible to our customers, and ensuring our employees’ interests remain a priority, there is a strong case to conduct our business in a responsible manner.

We remain focused on amplifying our operations and identifying new ways in which we can make a positive difference in the lives of our peoplecustomers, suppliers, communities and the environment.



Through continued efforts to develop skills and retain talent among our employees, we’ve created a fulfilling working environment that is diverse, inclusive and encourages growth.



Recognising and meeting customers’ needs are central to our success, so we strive to build a customer-first culture and enable precision retailing.



By investing in technologically-enabled systems and infrastructure, we’re able to maintain and enhance efficiencies in our supply chain.



Our social investment programmes focus on hunger relief and food security, skills development and youth unemployment.



We strive to continuously reduce our environmental impact by increasing operational efficiencies across our business.


Sustainability Report

We see it as our purpose to keep our products affordable and accessible while, at the same time, finding ways to reduce our environmental footprint. This report outlines the progress we have made in our sustainability programmes in the past financial year.


CDP Disclosures

Details about how the Group manages climate change, water and forestry related risks can be found within its CDP disclosure responses. CDP (formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project) is a global disclosure platform for these environmental risks. 

Our position statements

All Group operations are aligned to our purpose and values and we recognise our responsibility to respect and protect human rights in everything we do. Our approach to environmental sustainability also aligns with our values to ensure cost-savings, efficiencies in our value chain, legal compliance and environmental responsibility. 

Our contribution to tackling global challenges

Being a business with heart, we are aligned with the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals (UN SDGs), especially where issues are relevant to our business and where we can most significantly contribute to these goals.

Our partners in sustainable initiatives

We cannot #ActForChange on our own, which is why we ground our social investment in local community partnerships. Through these collaborative partnerships, we’re able to scale our initiatives and uplift more communities.

Sustainability news