Our purpose

Our purpose is to uplift lives every day by pioneering access to the most affordable goods and services, creating economic opportunity and protecting our planet.

Our values

Our values guide our behaviour to fulfill our purpose, and they define how we do business. 

Two shoppers in front of a Shoprite supermarket

Doing the right thing

  • Putting our customers first.
  • Acting ethically and with integrity.
  • Making a difference beyond our own doors.
A woman holding produce from a community food garden in a red Shoprite Act For Change apron

Saving to share

  • Relentlessly focusing on improving productivity and managing costs to provide our customers with the lowest price.
  • Helping others where we can.
A Shoprite supplier standing in store in the vegetable isle in front of his product

Developing local

  • Investing in our people.
  • Creating opportunities.
  • Embracing economic transformation.
  • Supporting communities where our customers' needs are the biggest.