May 24, 2017


Shoprite Nigeria continues to reaffirm its commitment to locally manufactured products with its ‘Made in Nigeria’ initiative, which has benefitted local producers and customers alike.

The majority of products sold by Shoprite Nigeria are sourced locally and by pledging to stock even more local produce across its 23 stores, Shoprite is highlighting its commitment to the growth of the Nigerian economy.

‘Made in Nigeria’ includes a series of monthly gatherings where local manufacturers can network and showcase their goods. These gatherings have helped strengthen the relationship between Shoprite and local manufacturers, and have enabled manufacturers to identify new markets for their products.


Benefits of Made in Nigeria

Akhibi Onoke, Managing Partner at Integrated Factory Foods, said that the benefits of being able to sell Naija Sweet Rice in Shoprite stores have been evident.

“The big advantage for us is that our products are available in 23 stores nationwide, which increases our market and provides us with growth opportunities. The fact that people see the goods in Shoprite gives us a level of credibility. We are gaining a lot of mileage from that and the exposure to the retailer’s customer base is definitely working for us.”

- Onoke, who started supplying to Shoprite four months ago.


Entrepreneur and Managing Director of Pally Agro Products, Anwuli Onyeagu, who makes Banga fresh palm fruit extracts, has been a part of the Shoprite ‘Made in Nigeria’ initiative for over three months. She said sales volumes of her products increased by over 40% during the period.


Shoprite's commitment

Shoprite is confident that ‘Made in Nigeria’ is the boost that local suppliers need and will contribute towards growing the economy. Entrepreneurs and small businesses are encouraged to work with Shoprite in its bid to bring proudly Nigerian products to households across the country. 

Local suppliers are subjected to the same stringent quality standards and demanding targets expected of Shoprite’s international suppliers. The ‘Made in Nigeria’ initiative provides additional support to local manufacturers to ensure consistency of supply.

Over the past 11 years, Shoprite has worked tirelessly to source products locally and has kept to its promise of lower prices always.

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