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In honour of the life and legacy of former South African president Nelson Mandela, the Shoprite Group will #ActForChange by taking hands with numerous organisations to upgrade food gardens, community centres and social enterprise initiatives across the country this Mandela Day, on 18 July 2017.

Being a business with heart that is inspired by Mandela’s legacy, some of the group’s 144 000 employees will dedicate their 67 minutes to activities that will provide a positive change to local communities.

Multiple initiatives are taking place in Gauteng including volunteering at the Community Crisis Centre in Reiger Park. The retailer is also partnering with Green Acre Living to assist with the development of a food garden in Boksburg, as well as Food & Trees for Africa to prepare the Ivory Park Food Garden in Midrand.

In the Eastern Cape, the Shoprite Group is taking hands with the Ngomso Youth Foundation to upgrade their kitchen and garden, while in KwaZulu-Natal, staff are upgrading facilities at the Natal Settlers Memorial Home.

At NOAH there are several opportunities for pensioners to supplement their income, like making soap, candles and other crafts. These are also sold at their monthly market which will receive a roof as part of Shoprite's Mandela Day initiative.

Employees from Shoprite’s home office in Cape Town will also visit 12 residences from Neighbourhood Old Age Homes (NOAH) spread across the Western Cape. Staff will treat senior citizens to lunch as well as a morning of pampering, companionship and entertainment.

At NOAH’s Khayelitsha home, the retailer will build a service hatch which residents will use as a spaza shop. Staff members are also donating hundreds of items that will be sold at NOAH’s monthly Trestle Table market, where the retailer is building a carport to ensure this income generating activity can continue in the winter months.

NOAH provides housing and social enterprises for poor, needy and vulnerable senior citizens in South Africa, who struggle to make ends meet on their social grants. The NPO believes South Africa’s aged still have much to offer their communities and by giving them exposure to income generating opportunities, they are able to increase their independence and find purpose and meaning in life.

“Funding for NPOs is reducing due to the current economic climate. A solution is the development of social enterprises in order to generate income for organisations. South Africa is a country faced with many challenges but there are also plenty of miracles - this partnership is one of those miracles, and the benefit will be evident for years to come.”

- Anne Dobson, NOAH Director

Bakers produce daily loaves of bread for own use and to be sold in the surrounding community for additional income.


Founded in 1981, NOAH is a non-profit organisation that provides housing and services to poor, needy and vulnerable senior citizens in South Africa. The organisation has developed a model based on health, home and happiness to meet the growing need for safe, affordable housing for the elderly. The majority of South Africa’s senior citizens need to sustain their daily clothing, food and housing needs with only their R1600 social pension, however, many of them are still able to work and earn an income. NOAH offers them opportunities to remain active, engaged and independent, which helps ensure their dignity, purpose and companionship is maintained.

To find out more about these extraordinary people, follow #HumansofNOAH and @WeActForChange on Instagram and Twitter.

NOAH provides social pensioners with opportunities to remain active, engaged and independent for as long as possible by offering social, financial and wellness support. Part of the wellness programme is exercise at their service centres in Woodstock and Khayelitsha.
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