Jul 15, 2019


The Shoprite Group will honour Madiba's legacy throughout the month of July, with its 147 000-strong staff giving their time to initiatives supported by the business or initiating their own activities in line with the retailer’s objective to be a force for change.

Throughout July, former President Nelson Mandela’s birthday month, the Group’s 147 000 employees will be assisting at food gardens, serving with its fleet of 19 Mobile Soup Kitchens and finding practical ways of strengthening relations with organisations that benefit from its surplus food donations. Stores are also organising community cleanups in conjunction with recycling partners.

“Beyond promoting volunteerism within our ranks, we are keen to launch a movement of active citizens. We are therefore encouraging our customers to join us in doing good by signing up to any of the initiatives listed on”

- Lunga Schoeman, CSI spokesperson for the Shoprite Group


"For us, every day is Mandela Day as we remain true to our commitment to fight hunger, support early childhood development and act for change in our communities.”

- Lunga Schoeman


The Group does this through many initiatives including:

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