1 November 2023

Josias Moila has received the title of Driver of The Year at the 11th annual Shoprite Truck Driver of the Year competition, beating out more than 1,400 colleagues from around South Africa and surrounding African countries. With over 23 000 rolling wheels covering more than 100 million kilometers annually, the Shoprite Group has one of the largest private fleets in South Africa.

The Truck Driver of the Year competition serves as a platform to celebrate and acknowledge the remarkable skills and dedication of truck drivers operating within this vast network.

The top 13 drivers that emerged from the regional competitions throughout the year from across South Africa, Namibia, Zambia and Botswana, battled it out in the final across three categories, including a written exam, a yard challenge, and a road test that was judged by the National Occupational Safety Association (NOSA). Moila, from Centurion in Gauteng, emerged victorious proving his exceptional skills, dedication and professionalism as a code 14 truck driver, having started his career at the company on a learnership programme in 2015.

Three gentlemen posing with a certificate and an award. Ruaan Britz (Head Transport Center of Excellence), Josias Moila & Andrew Havinga (Chief Supply Chain Officer).

“The competition was not easy, I had moments of stress and nervousness, but felt relieved and happy to get the win. Even being nominated for this competition means the world to me because it is an important award within the company. We are a team, but on the day, on the ground, we are competitors. I am proud to win it for my depot.”

- Josias Moila, Shoprite Truck Driver of the Year

This competition pays homage to the resilience and strength of the truck drivers who ensure the retailer’s stores receive their stock on time, regardless of the challenges they face on the road, said Ruaan Britz, Head of the Transport Centre of Excellence at the Group.

“A great responsibility is placed on the shoulders of truck drivers to maintain a safe and responsible flow of goods across the country, to keep our shelves stocked, our communities fed, and our roads safe. These drivers are the backbone of the supply chain, and this competition recognises and rewards their excellence.”

- Ruaan Britz, Head of the Transport Centre of Excellence at the Group

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