30 August 2023

Checkers Sixty60 harnessed the power of South Africa’s national anthem to produce a rendition of Nkosi Sikelel’ Afrika in a never-before-seen style. A powerhouse of industry specialists and exceptional local talent like 12-year-old vocalist Yonwaba Qetswana, pianist Luca Human, award-winning choral conductor Andre van der Merwe, with a choir of over 1000 voices behind them, all wishing the national rugby team well as they defend their title overseas. 

The national anthem is a prayer that represents South African diversity using a few of its official languages to plead for blessings and unity. It galvanises the country with a single goal in mind - victory.

With this message of support, South Africans from all walks of life stand united together to urge the Springboks to “bring it home”.