8 June 2023

Research conducted by Netwerk24 shows that Shoprite and Checkers offer South African consumers the most affordable basket of grocery essentials. 

The news website’s inflation basket of 76 items for May 2023 revealed that Shoprite is 23% – or R1 009 – cheaper and Checkers is 20% – or R866 – cheaper than the priciest supermarket chain. 

It compared the cost of items such as fruit and vegetables, dairy, meat, ‘fish and eggs’, sauces, spreads, dry ingredients, snacks and treats, general household items such as pet food or aluminum foil as well as drinks, toiletries and detergents. 

A man with a trolley full of yellow Shoprite plastics, outside of a Shoprite store. A comprehensive grocery basket comparison finds Shoprite & Checkers are SA’s most affordable supermarkets.

Checkers has also been named South Africa’s most popular supermarket according to a Netwerk24 poll in which 82% of the nearly four thousand respondents indicated it is their supermarket of choice.

With an unwavering focus on affordability and accessibility, Shoprite and Checkers will continue to keep prices on everyday essentials and groceries as low as possible.

More than 25 million South African consumers have saved a combined seven billion rands on their grocery bills over a six-month period up to January 2023 through the Xtra Savings rewards programme.