14 November 2022

Checkers is rolling out new shopping trolley baskets made from 100% recycled plastic - mostly old milk bottles - thereby diverting more than 40 tons of recyclable material from landfill.

The retailer’s trolleys have contained at least 35% recycled content since 2018. Now it is the first major South African retailer to have trolley baskets made from 100% recyclable material.

The new trolley baskets come in classic and mini sizes, each made from 180 and 110 old milk bottles respectively.

“We’ve set ambitious targets to reduce our environmental impact and will continue to step up our efforts to reach these as part of our wider sustainability strategy. This change is just one of several initiatives we have introduced across our operations.” 

- Sanjeev Raghubir, Shoprite Group Sustainability Manager.

A Checkers trolly full of milk bottles. Checkers rolls out new trolleys made from hundreds of recycled milk bottles.

This move is part of Checkers' ongoing commitment to environmental sustainability and promoting a circular economy.

Checkers has introduced several other environmental initiatives: