Freshmark is the Group’s fruit and vegetable procurement and distribution arm and is a significant business in its own right. It supplies fresh fruit and vegetables to Group stores across South Africa, as well as in other parts of the African continent.

Brand Overview

Freshmark was established as a Pty (Ltd) company on 1 July 1989, and became a division of the Group in 2000. This brand is responsible for the procurement, buying and distribution of the fresh produce sold at the Group stores across South Africa and other parts of the continent. 

Freshmark operates via its own network of distribution centres across South Africa and has distribution centres across the African continent.   

As one of the largest buyers and distributors of fresh fruit and vegetables in Africa, Freshmark works with thousands fruit and vegetable growers on the continent. Up to 95 percent of the fresh produce requirements are sourced directly from local producers, with a fresh promise to the customer. This also reduces transport and packaging costs.

Management stays up to date with the latest innovations regarding new and improved varietals and products and these are introduced to the Group’s markets. All packaging standards are continuously reviewed to ensure compliance.

Speciality fruit and vegetables are sourced on local and international markets and play a key role in equipping emerging farmers with the skills required to produce and meet international GLOBALG.A.P. standards. Freshmark’s food safety team has put a quality assurance programme into place and these principles are enforced throughout all operations. International food safety auditors regularly audit all suppliers on GLOBALG.A.P. and GMP standards – and Freshmark’s distribution facilities on HACCP standards – to ensure compliance.

Kepas CB Melodi started by growing crops in his backyard to supply Shoprite and Checkers with green beans for over a decade. By working closely with Freshmark buyers, Kepas continues to successfully respond to the market's needs season after season:

Private Labels

Freshmark supplies the extensive Padkos range of dried fruit, nuts, seeds and snack items for on-the-go consumers.

Want to become a Freshmark supplier?

The Group’s success is closely linked to the quality of the products we get from suppliers. Stronger suppliers result in a more secure supply chain, as well as cost savings we can pass on to customers. This understanding, together with the intention to build long-term relationships with each supplier, incentivise us to offer support to Group suppliers as far as possible.

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