• SA’s COVID-19 grants are faltering, with many unable to collect the R350 stipend initially offered to those most in need.
  • The Shoprite Group has intensified its food security efforts, donating more than R100 million worth of food, since the start of lockdown.
  • The Group has also continued to create jobs, in spite of tough economic times.

With funding for South Africa’s COVID-19 R350 grants running dry for many, and jobs under threat due to the economic fallout from the pandemic, the Shoprite Group is increasing its food security efforts, and working to ensure job security for its massive workforce.

The Group has placed a significant emphasis on hunger relief since the start of lockdown, and has donated food worth more than R100 million - the equivalent of about 27 million meals - to organisations spearheading several critical initiatives around the country.

Last year the Group also provided 785 676 meals to 109 Early Childhood Development (ECD) centres during their forced COVID-19 closures, and has served 4 million meals via its mobile soup kitchens.


Lunga Schoeman, CSI Manager for the Shoprite Group


“We realised early on in the pandemic that food security would be critical for millions of people in South Africa, and many would be going hungry due to job loss and the widespread economic fallout.”

- Lunga Schoeman, CSI Manager for the Shoprite Group


With over 141 000 frontline workers, Shoprite has worked hard to ensure job security for its employees, many of whom are the financial cornerstones of their own communities. The Group remains South Africa’s largest private employer - second only to government - and it has continued to open new supermarkets, creating additional jobs, despite the current economy.

The in-store Act For Change Fund has also proven a critical tool in assisting people during this time, and in partnership with its generous customers, the Group has raised almost R5 million for various beneficiary organisations enacting change in local communities.

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