28 June 2020

Theisha Naick (22), a trainee distribution centre manager at the Shoprite Group, has learnt to persevere and recognise opportunities even when they present themselves in unexpected ways.

She completed a BCom in Supply Chain Management cum laude at the Management College of Southern Africa (MANCOSA) on a Shoprite bursary. Today Theisha is based at the Group’s distribution centre in Centurion. 

“The best part about working for Shoprite is that you get to work in various areas of the business, which has challenged my abilities, but allowed me to persevere and grow in this rapidly moving business.”

- Theisha Naick

Her journey into retail however, was not that straight forward. After school Theisha was interested in logistics, but fate had a different plan. Upon applying to study logistics, she was instead registered for supply chain management. “It was ultimately for the best because supply chain is the broader of the two fields and will better help me grow into the position I eventually want, which is that of chief buyer in the company,” she adds.

Her advice to students is that things don’t happen “in the way you expect them to. However when an opportunity presents itself you must make the best of it to succeed”.