11 September 2017

Growing up in the rural villiage of Nongoma, KwaZulu-Natal, Sbonelo Ndwandwe had nowhere to turn to when he got sick and lost his hearing. He also had no hope for employment.

He decided to go to Durban and that is where his life changed. After completing the Shoprite Group’s Decade of the Deaf programme in partnership with eDeaf, he was employed by Checkers and now not only earns an income, but has a position he enjoys within the Fruit and Veg Department.

Sbonelo is truly an example of what hope and hard work can achieve.

But Sbonelo’s story doesn’t end there.

Sbonelo was working hard to save up to buy his mother a container to move her spaza shop from outside to inside so that her business isn’t affected by the weather. When the Group heard about Sbonelo’s dream, we were inspired and donated a container to his mother

The Shoprite Group was first in the wholesale and retail industry in South Africa to actively promote the training, development and placement of deaf persons by embarking on a Decade of the Deaf programme in 2008 in conjunction with eDeaf.

This skills development programme affords deaf learners the opportunity to secure employment. At June 2017, there are 565 deaf employees in our stores, earning a steady income.

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