The Shoprite Group continues to find more cost-effective and efficient operational ways to deal with the impact of Climate Change, whilst also finding time to support its surrounding communities. 


“Through a materiality process, we are able to define what the key risks and opportunities are for the business. One of the ways we mitigate climate change is through the use of renewable electricity.” 

- Sanjeev Raghubir, Shoprite Group Sustainability Manager 



In the last couple of years, the Shoprite Group has increased its consumption of renewable energy significantly and has direct solar installations at more than 60 stores and distribution centres in Southern Africa. 

Sanjeev Raghubir, Shoprite Group Sustainability Manager speaks to Tonie Samkange in the Business Unusual Podcast on the impact Climate Change has had on the company operations, the lessons learned and how the Group continues to assist its communities in managing the effects of Climate Change.


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