7 June 2022

George Baloyi (57) from Soshanguve, Gauteng – the 2015 winner of the Championship Boerewors competition – has a few tips for aspiring champions who wish to enter their recipes this year. 

“The most important step is the meat selection: it needs to be excellent quality, fresh meat,” says Baloyi. “Then ensure you combine the meat with just the correct amount of that. This forms the base for any good boerewors.”

Seasoning comes next. It is the ingredient with which Baloyi played around with for many years until he found just the right combination. “Spices create that distinctive boerewors taste. A traditional boerewors recipe always contains salt, pepper and coriander. Other herbs and spices can also be added, but I always advise people to keep it simple - don’t overwhelm the meat.”

George, soshanguve’s boerewors champion tips aspiring winners George Baloyi, Soshanguve's boerewors champion.

Baloyi encourages anyone with a good boerewors recipe to enter this year’s Championship Boerewors competition.

“It is a wonderful experience to compete for the honour and then ultimately seeing your winning recipe on the shelves in Shoprite and Checkers supermarkets across the country.”

- George Baloyi, the 2015 winner of the Championship Boerewors competition

The annual Championship Boerewors competition, launched by Shoprite and Checkers in 1992, continues to unearth to South Africa’s finest boerewors recipes. Entries for the 30th annual Championship Boerewors competition are open until 17 June 2022.  For more information or to enter, visit www.championshipboerewors.co.za.