Shoprite’s Mobile Soup Kitchen served more than 200 community members at the Masithembele Drop-in-Centre in Delft this week. This is in addition to the blankets, school bags, stationery, utensils and gift card which Shoprite donated to the organisation last month.

‘Mama Delft’, as the centre is affectionately referred to in the community, is managed by Wilhelmina Heyens who runs a feeding scheme and aftercare in the community. The organisation also provides child-headed homes with survival kits that include food and toiletry items.

Wilhelmina Heyens aka Mama Delft in front of the Shoprite Mobile Soup Kitchen


“We are lost for words at the generosity showed to us by Shoprite. This donation will help sustain the work that we do for the community.”

- Wilhelmina Heyens, from the Masithembele Drop-in-Centre



The Shoprite Mobile Soup Kitchen is one of the many ways in which the retailer fights hunger in vulnerable communities across South Africa.


Wilhelmina Heyens aka Mama Delft talking to children from her community with the Shoprite Mobile Soup Kitchen in the background

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