How can families buy the nutritionally rich food their bodies need, when rising living costs make it increasingly difficult to do so? That’s a challenge Shoprite is helping to overcome with four new additions to its Cape Point range of frozen fish. 

The Household Affordability Index highlights how harsh economic realities force families to prioritise foods like maize meal, rice, cake flour and sugar, which fill stomachs but don’t properly nourish bodies. Nutritionally superior, protein-rich foods become luxuries and this negatively impacts immunity, child development and overall household health.

A boy in Shoprite with a trolley filled with frozen fish

Shoprite’s commitment to everyday low prices includes making quality, affordable protein-rich alternatives available to customers. To this end, it has added four new frozen fish variants to its Cape Point private label range:  

  • Cape Point Atlantic Mackerel 2kg  
  • Cape Point Maasbanker 2kg 
  • Cape Point Baby Hake 2kg  
  • Cape Point Tilapia 2kg  

Prices range from R99.99 to R149.99 per 2kg pack, which equates to around R50 – R70 per kg. 

As they’re frozen products, they have an extended shelf life. They’re also packed in durable bags, with a handle for easy carrying.  

The Cape Point range is exclusive to Shoprite and Checkers. All four new frozen variants are available at Shoprite supermarkets, and the Cape Point Baby Hake is also available at Checkers. 

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