25 July 2022

Checkers Little Shop is back by popular demand, and this time the 24 new collectable minis are made from 100% recycled plastic and responsibly sourced paper.  

The mini collectables include some of South Africa’s most recognisable brands, including a Sixty60 delivery bike, Nescafé Gold, Baby Soft toilet paper, Huggies Gold nappies, Lindt chocolate, Tastic Rice, FutureLife and even Simple Truth plant-based sausages. 

As part of the supermarket’s ongoing commitment to environmental sustainability, the minis are made from 100% recycled plastic - including discarded refrigerators, water bottles, goggles - as well as Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-approved, responsibly sourced cardboard and paper. The handy collector’s case is locally made and 100% recyclable. 

Exclusive to Xtra Savings members, customers will receive a free Little Shop collectable for every R200 spent in Checkers, Checkers Hyper, Checkers Foods and via Sixty60. Joining the Xtra Savings programme is free of charge, and customers who purchase any participating brands and swipe their rewards card also stand to win their share of R100 000 in prizes.

Little Shop is back and even better – with minis made from recycled materials

Any unwanted or duplicate Little Shop collectibles can be donated to educational and remedial institutions via special collection boxes in stores.

The campaign follows the hugely successful Little Shop 1 and Little Shop 2 and runs from 25 July 2022 until stocks last. 

Fun facts:

  • What could you do with 3 800 old refrigerators? Turn them into 798 000 Simple Truth Raw Honey minis.
  • Or 80 000 pairs of old swimming goggles? Make roughly 10 Aquelle minis with each pair of goggles, of course.
  • Energizer minis? Simply recycle approximately 125 000 x 500ml PET bottles.
  • A 500ml PET bottle can be used to create roughly 6 Energizer minis or 10 Oh My Goodness! Spaghetti Bolognaise minis.  
  • In total, around 38 000 recycled refrigerators, 166 000 pairs of recycled goggles and 210 000 PET bottles were used to create the Checkers Little Shop 3 minis.  

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