Nomusa Caroline Hlongwane, who blazed a trail as the Shoprite Group’s first female driver, is now training the next generation of the Shoprite Group’s highly-skilled team of truck drivers.

Hlongwane, who initially had her eye on becoming a teacher, started her truck driving career in 1990 and joined the Group in 2007.

Her experience and passion led her to become a driver trainer, where Hlongwane has combined her love of teaching with her truck driving expertise to train more than 400 drivers to date.



Among the new generation of female truck drivers that Hlongwane has trained is Hunadi Rasesemola, who turned to driving when she realised her high school subjects wouldn’t allow her to become a paramedic.

Rasesemola’s father, also a truck driver, taught her how to drive and instilled an early passion for the profession. In 2019 she joined the Shoprite Group and is now one of the most respected drivers on the team.

“I was trained by Mum Nomsa,” says Rasesemola. “I call her Mum Nomsa because she’s more like a mum to me!”


“There is no kind of job that is specifically meant for men or women. Some people get surprised when they see me and take videos of me reversing.”

- Hunadi Rasesemola, Shoprite truck driver


Rasesemola has ambitions to follow in Hlongwane’s steps and become a driver trainer with the Group.


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