Good news for coffee lovers is that non-dairy milk alternatives including soy, almond and oat milk now carries no additional cost at all 218 Foreign Ground Cafés in Checkers and Checkers Hyper supermarkets across South Africa. 

At just R19.99 for a 250ml cappuccino, Checkers already sell one of South Africa’s most affordable cappuccinos at its cafés, which are named after the Foreign Ground Single Origin Coffee beans available exclusively from Checkers and which are sourced from the world’s best coffee producing countries including Brazil, Guatemala, Colombia and Ethiopia. 

Checkers Dairy Free Alternatives

As the dairy-free sector booms around the world and consumers increasingly turn to milk alternatives, Checkers has opted not to charge extra for a product many now consider essential. This is in line with its strategy to make premium categories more accessible to shoppers without compromising on quality.

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