The Shoprite Group distributed 130 garden-in-a-box starter kits and essential gardening tools to equip learners from primary schools and hostels in Parys to establish their own food gardens.

Each kit contains a variety of essential garden resources such as a variety of seedlings, fertiliser and a gardening manual to produce enough herbs and vegetables to feed a family of four for a year. The learners are also provided with the necessary education and training to ensure the success of their gardens.


“This initiative enables families to grow their own nutritious food for at least 12 months, and it’s one of many initiatives we have in place to address food security at a household level.”

- Sanjeev Raghubir, Sustainability Manager for the Shoprite Group



“I am very happy that learners at our school received these kits from Shoprite. They will be educated on how to grow their own fresh produce to help feed their families and it also enables them to pass  this knowledge on to their peers.”

- Jeanette Mtimkulu, principal at Sindekile Primary School


The Group is distributing more than a 1000 garden-in-a-box starter kits to various communities in Gauteng, Western Cape and the North-West provinces. These kits are handmade by Reel Gardening, a social enterprise which creates job opportunities for previously unemployed mothers.

As Africa's largest food retailer, the Shoprite Group has a robust hunger relief programme in place, and supports more than 151 community food gardens and 2 538 home-based gardens across all nine provinces in South Africa.  


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