The Shoprite Group is working around the clock to re-stock and rebuild affected stores in KZN and Gauteng where unrest erupted earlier this week. It will re-open stores for business in these areas as soon as it is safe for both customers and employees. In other parts of the country all the Group’s stores are fully operational and fully stocked. 


“While we have been affected by the violence, looting, arson and vandalism, we are doing everything in our power to restock shelves as quickly as possible.”

- The supermarket group


It condemns the unrest and lawlessness which affects the livelihoods and lives of millions of law-abiding citizens and which targets businesses, big and small, that make positive contributions to the economy and the creation of jobs. 

“The mayhem and destruction are everyone’s loss, particularly in a country ravaged by a poor economy and joblessness, which have been exacerbated by the pandemic. The riots are only making our challenges, including food security, greater. 

“We are especially grateful to our loyal customers, many of whom have reached out and offered to help with clean-up operations and want to assure our customers that we are working day and night to continue to feed and support the nation.”

The Group also thanked its employees for continuing to serve customers, and for going the extra mile under extremely trying conditions.

Read more on the Group's assurance on stock levels here



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