Applications for the Shoprite Group’s bursary programme are now open for the 2022 academic year. The bursaries offer students in the fields of accounting and information technology an unparalleled opportunity to further their studies - and then go on to work for Africa’s largest retailer.

The Shoprite Group has thousands of stores under various brands in more than a dozen countries, and its employees are at the forefront of one of the continent’s most fast-paced and technologically advanced retail organisations.

IT and accounting are two key elements that help power the Group, and its bursary programme has several benefits for students of both disciplines.

Upon graduation, accounting clerks will join a small, hands-on articles programme, where students can expect to receive individual attention, have a say in their rotation plan and exposure to many different fields, including buying, logistics, or IT.

A group of diverse people with masks. The Shoprite Group is now offering bursaries for the 2022 academic year in accounting and IT

Article clerks also have the option to complete up to three electives, and may even work closely with the Group’s CFO. Importantly, the Group consistently achieves a high Assessment of Professional Competence (APC) pass rate.

IT students will benefit from working within a highly innovative team - in recent years the Shoprite Group has implemented and pioneered various initiatives in the retail space. These include virtual vouchers, Xtra Savings - South Africa’s fastest growing loyalty programme - and the hugely popular Sixty60 on-demand grocery delivery service.

Shoprite’s environment of rapid innovation is particularly well suited to IT students who are motivated by changes and challenges, and who thrive in an environment where solving complex problems and conceptualising ideas is the norm.

The practical experience gained through these work-back agreements is invaluable in an increasingly competitive work environment.

“Shoprite is a truly unique learning experience - especially for graduates and those just coming out of a university space. There are so many different subsidiaries - it’s not just supermarkets - a lot of people aren’t aware of how many businesses there are within the Group, Kayla Matthews, Trainee Accountant.”


“You won’t find experience like this at any other retail company or audit firm - especially in the accounting space. You learn something new everyday, and it’s never stagnant. There’s so much innovation here, and Shoprite really aims to include all their employees”.”

- Kayla Matthews, Trainee Accountant


Registered university students with a 65% aggregate or higher are encouraged to apply for the Group’s bursary programme by visiting the Bursary and Graduate Opportunities page. Applications for IT and Accounting bursaries are open from 1 March to 30 April 2021.


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