Apr 3, 2020


The Shoprite Group is providing all of its employees with personal protective equipment in the form of a plastic face shield, rolling out to stores and distribution centres from Thursday, 2 April 2020.

The Group is cognisant of the views of the World Health Organisation, the Department of Health Department and various scientific sources that gloves and masks are not effective protection from coronavirus.


Protecting customers and employees during the Covid-19 pandemic


However, many employees have asked for face protection. It was decided that employees may benefit most from face shields, as unlike regular face masks, the shields can be washed and sanitised regularly. All staff will be issued with safety guides to do so and will form part of the hourly sanitation routine.  Staff will not be issued with gloves as regular hand washing and sanitising remains the safest option.


The Shoprite Group is providing its employees with plastic face shields


The provision of shields will be rolled out to the Group’s frontline employees in stages and stock will also be made available to security and cleaning companies for their personnel.


Shoprite Group employees get extra protection


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