18 June 2020

In 1990 the charismatic Shirley Rhode began working as a till packer at the Checkers Strand store. At the time she was the eldest of five children and looking for a way to help support her family. 

“My father used to tell me that no matter what job you have, whether it’s a street cleaner, a till packer or doctor - do it to the best of your ability. Be proud of what you’re doing and be passionate,” says Rhode.

Rhode worked her way up to a Controller and then Receiving Admin Clerk before stepping into a new role in the company’s LiquorShop division. She admits that she felt out of her depth but Rhode’s determination to succeed saw her winning awards and joining the Trainee Manager 2017.

A Checkers manager at the store.

Today this seasoned retailer is the Perishables Manager at Checkers Gordons Bay. Her colleague, David Swanepoel describes her as, “The proverbial mother in the house who, like glue, holds everything together in our store.”

“I love this job! It gives me the opportunity to make something out of nothing and that’s an amazing feeling.”

- Shirley Rhode, Perishables Manager at Checkers Gordons Bay

The Shoprite Group salutes all its frontline employees - the thousands of individuals like Rhode who work tirelessly to ensure South Africans are provided with food and household essentials during this unprecedented time.