Sep 29, 2020


The community of Lavender Hill in Cape Town will for a long time reap the benefits of a newly established hanging garden, donated by Checkers as part of its Little Garden 2 campaign. 

One of these benefits includes ongoing support for the Dover Court soup kitchen, started by Faieka Gasant (25) in response to the dramatic increase in hungry people in the Cape Flats community due to the national lockdown.

Faieka Gasant, founder of Dover Court soup kitchen
“I’m really grateful to Checkers and everyone involved who made this garden possible. Not only does it beautify the neighbourhood and give the community something to be proud of, but the fresh produce will help supplement the food we serve.”

- Faieka Gasant, founder of Dover Court soup kitchen, who daily feeds between 300 and 500 people


With this hanging garden the retailer hopes to inspire South Africans from all walks of life to employ such innovative, yet cost-effective ways to plant food gardens. This type of garden can be reproduced in small spaces and promotes recycling because plastic bottles are repurposed to serve as planters.

Checkers is part of the Shoprite Group, which has been supporting food gardens across South Africa since 2015. To date the Group has partnered with 119 community food gardens and 475 home gardens. This brings to over 28 000, the total number of people benefitting from this initiative.

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