Sep 30, 2020


Checkers has donated more than 1 000 plants to the Modimo O Teng community food garden as part of its Little Garden 2 campaign.

The plants come from the billboard nursery that was erected in Sandton last month to celebrate the return of Checkers Little Garden, and includes kale, pelargonium, spinach, bok choy and flat-leaf parsley.

Located in Alexandra, Modimo O Teng started in 2011 with very little resources, but it has been enjoying support from Checkers since 2017 when garden members received a series of permaculture training sessions as well as tools, plant material and shade netting. 

As a result the members of the Modimo O Teng Co-op have not only secured long-term food security for their families’, but are also earning some revenue through the sale of fresh produce to their community. 

Checkers is part of the Shoprite Group, which has been supporting food gardens across South Africa since 2015. To date the Group has partnered with 119 community food gardens and 475 home gardens. This brings to over 28 000, the total number of people benefitting from this initiative.

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