Nov 19, 2020


With more customers expected to entertain at home this festive season, Checkers has an extensive range of traditional roasts and top of the range meats on offer that meet the highest industry standards.

The many options include boneless brisket, stuffed chicken, gammon (easy carve, bone-in, boneless and maple flavoured), corned beef, corned tongue, pork belly, beef roast, picanha roast, leg of lamb and many more. These premium products meet the highest industry classification standards, but customers won’t pay top of the range prices.  

According to the South African Meat Industry Company (Samic), a quality assurance company created by the red meat industry to ensure the quality and safety of meat, all meat is classified according to age, fat cover and carcase composition.

For example, meat is marked from AAA to ABA, BBB, and CCC, depending on how young the animal is and fat content is classified from 000 (no visible fat) to 666 (excessive fat).

Irrespective of where consumers buy their meat, the grading is standard, explains Samic’s Quality Control and Technical Manager, Neels Nell. 

Nell says meat that is classified has undergone strict and regular Samic audits.

“An AAA rump steak is the same everywhere. Quality claims, such as grass fed, free range or no hormones, are also audited by Samic and must comply before these claims can be made.”

- Neels Nell, Samic Quality Control and Technical Manager


The more claims a product makes, the more the product may cost as these claims need to be backed up. For example, products such as Wagyu or Angus Beef may be more expensive as these claims require certification over and above the standard classifications.  

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