Oct 8, 2020

Checkers this week released Odd Bins 2020 - a limited edition 2014 merlot - to celebrate the 25th anniversary of its exclusive range of limited edition vintages sourced from local wine estates.

To celebrate this milestone, wine enthusiasts, media, online influencers and Checkers Xtra Savings members embarked on a flavour journey with celebrity chef and Checkers brand ambassador, Zola Nene, and wine connoisseur, Malu Lambert, as they paired three different Odd Bins wines with the perfect cheeses. 

Exclusive to Checkers, the Odd Bins collection consists of limited edition vintages from famous South African wine estates. Carefully selected and given a unique bin number, the original label is kept secret to ensure the wine remains both affordable and accessible - offering the best value and selection without compromising on quality. Each Odd Bins wine is unique and once the bin is sold out, the number is never repeated so there is always something new to try. 

The wines and cheeses paired and tasted during the exclusive virtual tasting on Wednesday, 7 October were:

Odd Bins 74 - Cinsault Rosé paired with brie

Tasting notes: Engaging aromas of raspberry and pomegranate, finishing with watermelon and cranberry on the palate.

Paired with brie because the mild flavour of the young cheese is well balanced by the soft acidity and fruitiness of the rosé and compliments the wine without overpowering it. 


Odd Bins 238 - Sauvignon Blanc paired with goats’ cheese

Tasting notes: Aromas of fresh citrus and passion fruit, a lovely and long mineral palate, fragrant and fruity with a lingering zesty finish. 

Paired with goats’ cheese because the cheese offers a blank slate, so the citrus and mineral notes found in sauvignon blanc brings out the wonderful nutty and herbal flavours found in the cheese. The acidity of sauvignon blanc cuts through the heaviness of goats’ cheese. 


Odd Bins 2020 - Merlot paired with mature cheddar 

Tasting notes: a fresh and intense aroma of dark fruit and spicy plum. 

Paired with mature cheddar because the bigger and bolder flavours require a wine that can lift it up and spin it around without getting winded in the process. A mature cheddar has a fattiness that matches up wonderfully with the mouth-drying tannins that can be found in many merlots and their respective bold flavours match, instead of drowning each other out. 

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To celebrate 25 year of Odd Bins wines in true style, Checkers has thrown in a competition that won’t reveal the secret of Odd Bins, but you could find 1 of 25 secret corks and win R10 000. All you have to do is get your hands on a bottle of the exclusive bin number 2020 and check the cork to see if you’re a winner. 

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