8 August 2018

“Whenever I was given an opportunity, I did with it the most that I could.”

- Baby Govender, Deputy Divisional Manager for Gauteng North

A magshot of a woman.

Baby Govender joined Checkers as a secretary in 1983. She was fresh out of school having completed matric the year before.

Govender has since worked her way through the ranks over the past 35 years, gaining experience in the cash office as scanning controller, becoming a trainee manager and admin manager, and then branch manager for Checkers in Durban North, Westville, Chatsworth and Gateway.

“I enjoy what I do. I get up in the morning and want to go to work. The day that doesn’t happen any more is the day I must stop working.”

- Baby Govender, Deputy Divisional Manager for Gauteng North

Baby was promoted to Regional Manager for the Durban Central region in 2007 and relocated to Gauteng in 2013, where she is now the Deputy Divisional Manager for Gauteng North, with responsibility for 50 stores.

“I have grown incredibly, both individually and professionally. My current role allows me to identify opportunities and turn them into real revenue-generating success.”

Baby feels blessed by the opportunities offered to her so far. 

“I’m aware that I am a role model for other women and I’m humbled and honoured to be where I am.”

“I always listen to people. I also believe that because I am a woman people feel comfortable and therefore open up more easily to me. I also believe one must be consistent in one’s dealing with people."

- Baby Govender, Deputy Divisional Manager for Gauteng North

Away from work, family is Baby’s priority. She enjoys spending time with her husband, their daughter and two grandchildren.