May 29, 2017


Shoprite Zambia, the country’s largest supermarket chain, was the first retailer to introduce oxo-biodegradable shopping bags almost a year ago, a move which will see up to 85 million plastic bags diverted from landfill sites annually.

Shoprite’s iconic yellow plastic bags now degrade naturally within 12-24 months when disposed of in an environment where oxygen, UV light and heat are present.

“Shoprite introduced Zambia to a world-class shopping experience through its core business promise of lower prices. By switching to oxo-biodegradable shopping bags 10 months ago, Shoprite continues to lead the way by counteracting the mounting effect waste generation has on our environment.”

- Charles Bota, General Manager of Shoprite Zambia


Aside from drastically reducing the amount of plastic waste which never degrades, Shoprite’s shopping bags are also free from all heavy metals and any toxic substances.

Manufactured in Zambia by Gourock Plastics & Packaging, oxo-biodegradable bags contain small quantities of TDPA™ (Totally Degradable Plastic Additives™) which accelerates the degradation and reduces the lifetime of conventional plastics. This technology is recognised by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) International standards organisation.

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