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The Shoprite Group’s efforts to provide more space for 40 preschoolers crammed into an RDP house recently led to another positive spin-off that benefitted many more children in the surrounding area.

The saying “come one, come all” took on a whole new meaning when lunch boxes were distributed to some 680 learners from ten Early Childhood Development (ECD) centres in Vrygrond near Muizenberg following a building extension at the one centre named Come One, Come All. Nicollette Lillieveld and her helpers care for children up to the age of five on weekdays while their parents are away at work.

“They needed more space as Nicolette’s house was literally bursting at the seams. With her own finances she started the extension to her RDP house last year, but could not finish it because her money ran out. We decided to help her complete the extension that now includes two toilets and a basin, and which can accommodate twenty children.”

- Adele Lambrechts, Shoprite Group PR, Communications & CSI Manager


This singular intervention opened the door to more and so Shoprite with help from its two partners,  True North and New Kidz - non-profit organisations in the area, was able to establish contact with nine other ECD centres in Vrygrond with the eye to provide a meal to the children at these centres.

Nicolette Lillieveld, Principal of Come One, Come All, in the newly renovated classroom.
“I am very grateful to Shoprite for my new building and all the help I have been given up to this point. I feel a lot of weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I’d also like to thank True North and New Kidz for their generosity and time.”

- Nicolette Lillieveld, Principal of Come one, come all


The lunch boxes that were distributed contained amongst others a sandwich, healthy snack and juice for each child.

Vrygrond toddlers with the lunch boxes given to them by Shoprite.
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