Mar 15, 2018


Hot cross buns are a traditional Easter staple and while many theories exist about its origin, one thing is for sure: the humble bun has come a long way.

At Checkers, customers can look forward to an extended range of hot cross buns made using a brand new recipe consisting of stoneground flour and only the finest quality natural ingredients.


“Easter simply wouldn’t be the same without a delicious hot cross bun, so we have perfected our recipe and expanded our offering.”

- Arno Abeln, General Manager: Fresh Foods


In addition to the standard 6-pack of traditional hot cross buns, there are also 12-packs with cocktail-sized hot cross buns, a hot cross bun loaf, a delicious hot cross muffin and the newest variation: chocolate chip hot cross buns, made with Frey chocolate (Switzerland’s number 1) available exclusively at Checkers.

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